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Salvaging the Timber

All Timber is salvaged from all over the state of Tasmania, travelling to remote deep rainforest and wild rivers. Timber is sourced from forestry logging coupes & working with close friends in the Timber industry - to only supply you with the best!

Protecting the giants
Under the Giant Trees policy (August 2002), Forestry Tasmania seeks to identify, manage,and protect giant trees on State forest in Tasmania. Giant Trees are defined as trees that are at least 85 metres tall or at least 280 cubic metres estimated stem volume.

The Styx Valley
This famous region contains some of the worlds tallest hardwood trees, these trees can be seen in the Styx Valley Big Tree Reserve alongside the beautiful and tranquil Styx River. The Styx Valley contains Swamp Gum known to be four hundred years old and over 90 metres high. A giant Swamp Gum in the Styx Valley has been recorded at 134 metres in height.

The Florentine Valley
A forest reserve of tall Stringy Bark Eucalypts, with some of these large trees standing almost as tall as the Eucalypts growing in the Styx Valley Big Trees Reserve. The Florentine is home to a larger variety of tree species than the Styx Valley. Amongst the other commercial timber species, Sassafras, Leatherwood, Horizontal Scrub and Myrtle can be found in the Florentine Valley.

A royalty is paid to Forestry Tasmania for all timber removed from logging coupes.


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