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Product Warranty

Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers has worked very hard to build a fine reputation as a trusted and high quality supplier of Tasmanian Tonewoods, Veneers, furniture timbers, and specialised timbers for woodturners.

  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE REQUIRE A 50% DEPOSIT FOR ALL LARGE ORDERS. Balance required after packing and before dispatch..


Rob's Product Warranty is quite straightforward:

"I will not be satisfied, until you, the customer, is satisfied..."

We will always make sure that our clients are happy with their purchases and will try to ensure that this happens with every purchase.
Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers will make sure that every order enquiry is attended to promptly, every purchase is correctly and securely packaged, and each purchase is accurately addressed and rapidly shipped to the correct destination, to the best of our ability. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or any aspect of our shipping or delivery, please contact us immediately and we will organise a refund of your purchase if warranted.

Damaged Goods:
Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers will go to every length to ensure your goods are shipped & delivered securely and appropriately. When you have received your goods, please check the shipment carefully, and if you are unhappy please contact us via Phone - +61.429 614 453 or Email as soon as possible.

If you believe you have a legitimate warranty or refund claim please do us the courtesy of contacting us FIRST! Your problem may be attended to very simply and quickly if you let us know what your concerns are.

Please retain all original packaging and freight information and documents received from us or the shipping company. If original documentation cannot be produced, warranty claims may not be pursued, and the buyer will assume all liability for damaged goods.

These rules are those adopted via our Shipping Agent.


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